Message from Staff


Tomohiko Igasaki

The cells that make up the tissues of living organisms have a potential difference due to the difference in ion concentration inside and outside. In other words, “electricity” is generated in the cells. Also, nerve cells form a network of information transmission through synaptic connections. Namely, nerve cells use “electricity” to transmit “information.” Besides, biosignals are extremely small voltages, and currents, so stable recording requires “electronics” technology such as amplification circuits and filters. Furthermore, in order to evaluate the rhythm of a biological signal, analysis is performed using a “mathematical” method (e.g., Fourier analysis).

We advocate for “Biomedical Engineering Laboratory” with handling various information (biosignals) obtained from living organisms (especially humans), such as electrocardiograms (heart), electroencephalograms (brain), electromyograms (muscle), electrocardiograms (eyeball/eyelid), and pulse waves. It is not surprising that we are in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, and on the “Measure” side. Through research results feedback in various scenes, such as medical care, health and welfare, safety and security, education, and industry, we would like to contribute to students preparing for an entrance examination to Kumamoto University, companies or researchers, current students or graduates in Kumamoto University, the general public. Then we would like to aim for symbiosis between human society and the global environment.